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Services and FAQs

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We’ve been serving Kelowna drivers for over 30 years and keep up with industry technology to serve you better with automobile repairs and maintenance you can trust.

Our Auto Services


BC’s Vehicle Inspection & Standards program is dedicated to having only the safest and most roadworthy vehicles on our highways. If you’ve just bought a used vehicle registered in another province, it is subject to inspection at a designated inspection facility. Our authorized inspections include a thorough check of your car’s performance and mechanical systems to prove road worthiness.

Oil Changes

As part of your regular maintenance program, oil changes protect engine components, keep your engine running at peak performance and maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. One of the least expensive but important auto services for your engine.

Engine Tune-ups

This comprehensive service is extensive and after a thorough inspection it may include checking all filters, cleaning or replacing spark plugs, checking the timing chain or belt, performing a fuel system cleaning and setting the ignition timing. Regular engine tune-ups extend the life of your vehicle.

Brake Inspections and Service

Be sure to get a thorough brake inspection regularly to keep you safe on the road, at least annually or if your brake warning lights are on. If you hear grinding or feel vibrations when applying the brakes, bring your vehicle in for an inspection. Our brake service includes flushing the old fluid, replacing the pads, resurfacing rotors and adjusting the braking mechanisms.


Auto suspension should be serviced every 1,000 to 3,000 miles, depending on the road surface you drive. We’ll give you a thorough inspection of the entire suspension system, and (when necessary) replacement of struts, shock absorbers and/or springs.

Computerized Diagnostics & Repairs

Diagnostics allow a technician to determine exactly what repairs are necessary without adding nonessential repairs. Our technicians use a diagnostic computer, to read your auto systems and analyze fault codes and data. Repair work after diagnostics, may include electrical system fixes, brake and steering system adjustments, fluid leak fixes and tire balancing.

Tire Service

Our tire service includes tire balancing, tire rotation and tire changes. Ask us for information on the safest winter tires for your vehicle. Modern snow tires are flexible in freezing temperatures, allowing better traction on ice, slush and snow. A feature of well-designed winter tires are thousands of tiny slits in the tread pattern, or sipes, for tighter control with corners and braking. Look for the severe service mountain snowflake symbol to check if your tires are safe for driving through the winter months. If your tire bears this symbol and the tread still measures +4 mm your tires are designated safe to drive in winter conditions. If you have any doubts about the condition of your tires, talk to us. We also provide tire rotations and balancing for a smooth ride.


Why should I get regular tune ups?

Beyond the warranty obligations listed in your manual, regular tune ups include diagnostics to troubleshoot problems before they become larger ones and damage your engine, or worse – make driving unsafe. Tune-ups also keep your engine clean by replacing filters and changing the oil when necessary.

Do you work on all models of cars and trucks?

Yes, we do! Our technicians work on all makes and models of foreign and domestic vehicles. If you’re driving it, we can fix it.

Can I get an estimate first before I get auto repairs done?

Yes, certainly! Our service advisor will give you an estimate before any work is started. We don’t replace parts unless they’re needed, another reason we get so much business from referrals. Give us a call and schedule an appointment for the estimate.