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Kelowna's Best Auto Repair & Vehicle Inspections since 1988

A family owned and operated full auto repair service, we specialize in everything from imports and safety inspections to tires and oil changes. We repair and service BMW, VW, Audi and domestic cars, whether new or vintage.

Seeing Warning Lights on your Dash?

Give us a call! We’d like to hear what the problem is, book you an appointment, and always provide a free estimate. Don’t wait to get an expert opinion on your brakes, fluids, shocks, or even tires, with our computerized diagnostic equipment. Trust your vehicle to us!

Thinking of buying a used car?

Bring the vehicle to us for a pre-purchase inspection so you know what you are buying. We will check the vehicle for hidden faults and damage so you don’t get stranded on the road. As a designated inspection facility, we ensure your vehicle is safe to drive on BC roads as per the BC Motor Vehicle regulatory standards.

Your Neighbourhood Service Centre

Remember us for regular maintenance so your vehicle keeps running smoothly. Oil changes, filter replacements and fluid replacements for your radiator, differential and transfer case, are important to keep your engine running at maximum efficiency and can save you money from costly repairs.

Services We Offer

Import Specialist – BMW, VW, Audi

Inspection Facility

Z Safety Inspections
Z Out of Province Inspections
Z Pre-purchase Inspections
Z Computer Diagnostics
Z Engine Service Light Checks

Full Service Auto Repair 

Z Engine Tune-up
Z Oil Change
Z Brakes
Z Suspension
Z Shocks
Z Struts
Z Timing Belts

Tire Service

Our tire service includes tire balancing, tire rotation and tire changes. Ask us for information on the safest winter tires for your vehicle. Modern snow tires are flexible in freezing temperatures, allowing better traction on ice, slush and snow. A feature of well designed winter tires are thousands of tiny slits in the tread pattern, or sipes, for tighter control with corners and braking. Look for the severe service mountain snowflake symbol to check if your tires are safe for driving through the winter months. If your tire bears this symbol and the tread still measures +4 mm your tires are designated safe to drive in winter conditions. If you have any doubts about the condition of your tires, talk to us.